AUBOCASSA is located in an old 12th century estate in the Mallorcan town of Manacor, one of the few places where the true agrarian nature of Mallorca has been able to endure over time.

The soils are poor, with layers of calcareous rocks and very well drained. The 24-hectare estate has 7,600 olive trees, all of them of the Arbequina variety, which is very well adapted to these soils.

AUBOCASSA is obtained from these olive trees: a smooth oil of enormous fruity intensity that is under the Oli de Mallorca Denomination of Origin and is part of the Grandes Pagos de Olivar.

The aim of Aubocassa is to express the landscape of Mallorca: light, balance and calm - the Mediterranean. This can be smelt and tasted.It’s like a fresh fruit juice made from fruit picked at just the right moment. The pungency and bitterness are almost imperceptible.

Cultivation fully respects the environment, following the rules of integrated production.

The first harvest was marketed in 1998, and represented a revolution in the world of olive oil, becoming the pioneer of a new tendency: “high quality Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil".

This project was was set up by Bodegas Roda and much of the knowledge of viticulture and oenology wasused in its development.

The oil mill is in the 12th century Arab farmhouse and is equipped with the latest technology in oil extraction.

AUBOCASSA has received great recognition both nationally and internationally and is marketed in 30 countries, Japan being the first export market.


Colour: in the usual Aubocassa style, yellow and green notes predominate. Its appearance is opalescent, with a slight cloudiness due to the fact that it is not filtered.

The colour is greenish yellow, in the usual Aubocassa style.

Nose: Turning the glass to cover the walls and then leaving it upright stratifies the aromas and allows you to smell all the different layers of aroma in this oil. The first sensations that emit from a cup of Aubocassa are spectacular: delicate aromas of lemon peel and fine freshly cut grass waft from the top. Inside the glass, it is like smelling a basket of fresh vegetableswhere Ramallet tomato predominates so that the final sensation is of a freshly-made gazpacho. Fruity notes of green banana and apple appear and in the background dried fruits, among which green almonds stand out. The herbs and aromatic plants that are so abundant in Mallorca can be sensed, in addition to a bouquet of Mediterranean wild flowers along with traces of the mastic trees that surround the estate.

Palate: The first sensation is one of silkiness, fullness and freshness. Then come the perceptions of fruit and vegetables that were appreciated on the nose. Fresh almonds play a special role and there is a very slight spiciness that enlivens the whole. There are no bitter notes that stand out and it is the sweetness and luminosity of Mallorca that are the protagonists.

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