Castillo de Canena

The Campo de Castillo de Canena, where its olive groves grow, is located in the municipality of Ubeda in Jaén, bordering the Sierra de Cazorla in the heart of the upper Guadalquivir Valley.

> <p><span>The Campo de Castillo de
Canena, where its olive groves grow, is located in the municipality of Ubeda in
Jaén, bordering the Sierra de Cazorla in the heart of the upper Guadalquivir
Valley.</span><br /></p>

On slightly hilly, clay-loam soils, with a gentle terrain and an average altitude of 500 metres above sea level, its semi-intensive and traditional olive groves are planted with Picual, Arbequina and Royal varieties, and the new crops of Pico Limón, Zarza, Taggiasca, Don Carlo, Souriani and Zaity, all irrigated, creating a natural ecosystem where agronomic activity is carried out with a deep respect for the environment and Nature. Modern precision agriculture and the most advanced systems for seeing how the trees are, which allow them to exhaustively monitor the evolution of the different plots, are combined with the maintenance of herbaceous cover, the creation of compost, landscape restoration, the reintroduction of endangered species and the total eradication of all types of pesticides.   

With an olive-growing tradition that dates back to the end of the 18th century, it was in 2003 when the Vañó family, owners of the beautiful Renaissance castle that gives the company its name, decided to create their own brand focused exclusively on producing and marketing Premium extra virgin olive oils. Controlling the vegetative development of the olive trees and the evolution of the fruit, they select the best olive groves from their estate, harvesting the olives at the right time of ripening and sending them immediately in small boxes to their own oil mill, which has an enormous number of external quality certifications, both in terms of processes and product. There they are milled using state-of-the-art machinery, continuously updated, respecting the cold chain throughout the process and producing extra virgin olive oils of high quality year after year. Intense fruit juices, powerful personality, harmonious and balanced.

Constant innovation, which is a hallmark that rightly identifies Castillo de Canena's trajectory, has not only been reflected in agronomic activity or in modernising industrial processes to the maximum, but has also been reflected in the search for novel, original and surprising products that revolve around extra virgin olive oils and broaden their consumption opportunities by offering an enormous multiplicity of uses and culinary applications. The company has had an enormous international development, being present in more than 50 markets and has been one of the first companies in its sector to have its corporate policies audited in terms of Health and Safety by means of the SGE-21 certification standardised by FORETICA.


Intense green oil with high fruitiness of green leaves and freshly cut grass. It is reminiscent of the green stalks of the plants of the countryside, the vegetables of the orchard and the aroma of the green fig tree in summer. In the mouth, the same very herbaceous olfactory sensations are perceived, of green leaves and grass, vegetables such as green tomato and artichoke. The aftertaste is fresh with hints of fig tree and green citrus zest and stems. Bitter, elegantly spicy, balanced and with an intriguing evolution. Very harmonious and with a certain vegetal astringency.

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