Marqués de Valdueza

The Álvarez de Toledo family has owned the Perales estate and has been producing olive oil for more than 500 years.

> <p><span>The Álvarez de Toledo
family has owned the Perales estate and has been producing olive oil for more
than 500 years.</span><br /></p>

About 35 years ago, the current Marqués de Valdueza started an ambitious modernisation process and began to replace the old olive trees with Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Picual and Morisca varieties. The latter variety is only grown in a small area of Extremadura. It is a low-yielding olive that is expensive to use, but it is a source of smooth, persistent flavour that fills the mouth when tasted.

The mill, inaugurated in November 2004, was built on the site of a 150-year-old mill, which itself was erected in an oil-producing area that the Romans occupied 2,000 years ago. The land that now makes up the Marqués de Valdueza estate has been providing olive oil that was coveted by Caesars, sultans and kings uninterruptedly for two millennia. Innovation and research are a constant at the estate, both in the agricultural techniques, which are very respectful of the environment, and in the systems for harvesting and extracting the olive juice in the mill. When the new mill was completed in 2004, it was considered by national and international media to be one of the most modern in Europe.

Absolute control over the fields and the oil mill allows the family and their team to take all the necessary steps to pursue the excellence sought after and recognised by gastronomic critics, chefs and customers in the more than 30 countries where they sell their extra virgin olive oil.

Harvesting usually begins at the beginning of November. The olives are at their optimum moment of ripeness to obtain a juice with the marked, clean, complex and, above all, very balanced flavour that characterises MARQUES DE VALDUEZA extra virgin olive oil.


Marqués de Valdueza extra virgin olive oil has a medium-high intensity green olive fruitiness. The greenest notes are provided by the tomato plant, herbaceous and olive leaf aromas, which are balanced with banana and green almond. We also find more subtle notes reminiscent of artichoke.  In the mouth the first sensation is sweet, followed by bitterness and ending with spiciness. All of this is accompanied by the green notes that we found earlier, which give the oil freshness, elegance and balance.

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