Six producers of excellent Estate Bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oils

After fifteen years of experience, its brands have reached sixty markets around the world and have managed to highlight the uniqueness and excellence of its single estateextra virgin olive oils at the highest gastronomic level.

Grandes Pagos de Olivar brings together six Spanish firms of excellent extra virgin olive oils produced on their own estates, where the concept of the "chateau" typical of wine culture is reproduced in the olive grove.

At present, six producers belong to this exclusive club made up of the elite of Spain's olive growers: Hacienda Queiles (Navarra), Aubocassa, (Mallorca), Marqués de Griñón (Toledo), Marqués de Valdueza (Badajoz), Castillo de Canena (Jaén) and Casas de Hualdo (Toledo).

The Estate is the starting point, the sine qua non condition, but not the only one to be a member of the Association. Its members respect and practice a common philosophy in the production of extra virgin olive oil based on sustainability and respect for the environment, together with innovation and the use of the most advanced technology and a free exchange of knowledge. All this is at the service of the production of excellent, unique single estateextra virgin olive oils.

To join this club, the applicant must pass a thorough selection process by all members in which the farms themselves, the mills, the good practices in olive growing and extraction processes, the quality of the oils, national and international recognition, the business philosophy and the absolute commitment to quality and respect for the environment will be evaluated.

Francisco Vañó, CEO of the Castillo de Canena Group, became the president of Grandes Pagos de Olivar in June 2021, taking over from Alfredo Barral, who was president of the association since its foundation in 2005.

GPO has also been committed to issues that its members have taken very much into account since its foundation, and which fully affect the sector and its activity, such as its defence of the environment, its commitment to sustainability and the CO2 sink effect that its olive groves have. All of this is at the service of the production of excellent single estateextra virgin olive oils.

GPO works to enhance its strengths in R&D and innovation, areas that are very important for each member and which the GPO statutes have emphasised since its inception. Its main objective is to evaluate collaboration alternatives with institutions and technological centres for the development of its own projects and possible alliances with other Premium extra virgin olive oil Producers' Associations in third countries.

The members of Grandes Pagos de Olivar are convinced that there are excellent extra virgin olive oil producers in Spain capable of meeting the strict requirements to be part of GPO and of committing themselves to its philosophy.

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